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The nice thing about waterfalls is that you can photograph them practically in any weather. Especially in "bad" weather, you as a photographer often have no crowds at the location and the waterfall also has a little more water than on some other days.

That's why I like to go out in such weather conditions. With this picture it behaved also exactly in such a way, it rained before I went to the waterfall and remained then also somewhat cloudy.

But it is these small moments when the sun still manages to bring through its light, even if it was only very diffuse, short and cold acting on this day.

I liked it very much and it fit wonderfully to the rainy day.

Hope you like it too!

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Good iimage, Manuel! It's very dynamic, with that diagonal slash of the rock layers and the sense of movement in the water. The composition appeals to me too. I echo your sentiments about waterfalls and weather totally.

Thank you very much for your kind words and compliment! I’m very glad you like it!