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The Big Rock

In our recent tour of Asturias, one of the sites of obligatory stop was this one. This fantastic beach so prehistoric did not disappoint us at all, in the middle of that great rock there are like two «windows», one of them is not seen from this perspective since it was not in front of it and in the other «window» I could strain the starry sun.

At first the sunset was going to look very flat, so I played with the sun and looked for close-ups and when I realized we had a colorful sky that was not bad for how the day presented itself and on top of that it had appeared out of nowhere.

There I met another photographer, Jorge Garcia, to whom I send a great greeting from here.

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Pasote Dani, sunstar master

jajaja gracias tio !!!

stunning mate

thanks buddy !!

Que espectáculo Dani!

Preciosa Dani!!!