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The Secret Cave

In our recent trip through Galicia and Asturias, one of our first stops was the Virxe Do Porto.

Since I met her in 2011 it was always a place that I fell in love with and I have come back to on some occasions, although until now I had not taken any pictures that I really liked.

Exploring the area a little before sunset, looking for possible frames, I found a corner that I especially liked, but it was risky, since I could not get anything out.
Finally I took a chance and bet on one single picture, if what I wanted came out, I would take something different from that beaten up place, otherwise I would waste a sunset in that fantastic place I would not return to on that trip.

Finally there was luck and the desired frame came out, with this photo I wish you all a good Sunday!

You can see this photo and more in high resolution in my web:


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Amazing light and compo, super shot mate!

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Thanks a lot Thomas !

alfonso maseda varela's picture

Magnifica Dani!!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Muchas gracias !!

Rubén Vela Martín's picture

Una pasada tío!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Rubén !!!

Jacin Fernández's picture

Tremenda Dani!!!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Jacin !!

Unai Larraya's picture

todo dicho tio, santo foton.

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Gracias Unai !!!

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Brutal compañero!!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Grascias Jose Luis !!!!!

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Awesome shit, a great way to showcase the location!

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alfonso maseda varela's picture

Fantástica Dani!!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias tío!

Ignacio Municio's picture

Magnifica se queda corta Dani. Felicidades por este fotón

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Nacho! 😃😃

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Beautiful picture!

jabi sanz's picture

incredible good bro

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Jabi! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Incredible POV and processing here.

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Amazing image.

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Estupenda y enhorabuena 👍🏻

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Muchas gracias compañero!

Toni Pou's picture

Tremenda amigo!!!