Elida in the Red Room by Andy Campos
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Elida in the Red Room

December 31, 2014

This image is part of a shoot that comprised a full team of people. I was asked to join a team of hair stylists, jeweler, make up artist and designer to bring their pieces to life. We had already shot the outdoor part before this image and were walking around the apartment complex looking for a more moody setting. I walked past a couple of door and noticed... red.. everywhere through the windows. I turned to the designer that happened to also live in the apartments and asked.. what room is this? She noted the it was the movie/theater room and opened the door. I walked in and was floored, red was everywhere you looked. I said right then, this is where we need to shoot the rest of the set.

For this image I boomed an AB800 with a 10x36 strip over the model to simulate what might normally be a light/chandelier etc hanging in this type of room. I then place an AB800 cam left, power down low to give a little fill and light the hair on her sholder some. I wanted the image to feel animated so we grabbed a random decoration off a coffee table in the room and handed it to her. Instant magic :)

This image was published in the April edition of Imperial Magazine.

50mm · f/9.0 · 1/100s · ISO 100
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