Find Peace by Andy Campos
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Find Peace

December 31, 2014

This image is a good representation of when things come together. I originally shot the model in my studio, worked some of her images up as standard beauty shots and that was it. Then one day I was on the hunt for some stock photography to do some composites with. I try to shoot my own stock, but some things I don't have access to shot. Like killer abandoned places. I found this stock photo, purchased it and it sat on my hard drive for awhile. One evening I decided it was time to find one of my shots that would work on it. I went back to my sets in lightroom with her, found this image of her and immediately knew that was it. I spent the next 3 hours working the image, creating the light rays from the ceiling, warming it up, perfecting the contact shadows etc to bring her in to the scene. The original stock image is fairly devoid of light and warmth. I do composites every once in awhile when I have the time and am feeling inspired, but to date this is still my favorite, because it just flowed during the edit, beginning to end.

35mm · f/9.0 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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