Kayla by Tim Skipper
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January 3, 2015

Photo composite

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Charlie Magrin's picture

could you speak a little bit about the making of this one please Tim? it's absolutely beautiful, the colours and lighting reminds me of Rambrandt's work.

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Charlie it was shot in my garage on a black backdrop. A yard blower provided the wind and I used a 42" white reflective umbrella with diffusion as the light source. The background is a US Civil War fort in Florida. I had taken a picture of this room a year earlier. The water was created in post thanks to an online tutorial. I wish I could say I planned it all out in detail but it was just dumb luck that I had the light in the photo of the model that matched the light from the fort. As for the reminding of Rembrandt's, I could only hope to see light as he did. He is one of my absolute favorite painters.

Ralph Oechsle's picture

amazing scenery and a wonderful idea !