Heather by Tim Skipper
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January 3, 2015

This location was closed off for years. A few weeks ago they opened it up and I was able to get this photo. The dress was a thrift store find for $3. Composite photographed on location.

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this one is by far my favourite of your portolio! seems to me that you used only 2 lights, one front right and another at the back slighltly on the left is it? the colours, the composition and the movement induced by the composite makes this photo a masterpiece to me, congrats! seems you've duplicated some parts of the background too

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Thank you. This was shot on location and is a composite of several frames including mirroring the background to get rid of the hideous pile of garbage to the camera left. There were two lights, which is my most common set-up; one key light and one rim light. The dress was $3 at a thrift shop.