Radek is a Polish pitcher, last season’s polish league MVP, and an all-around great guy.
I wanted to do this shoot for a while. I've made a cutout background with foam board. For backlight, I've used two Quadralite Reporter 200TTL flashes and my main light source was one Reporter 200TTL flash shot through a foldable beauty-dish 65cm.

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Charles Mercier's picture

Huh? Who is Radek? Why is he wearing a Washington Nationals uniform? He wasn't an MVP in Major League baseball.

Filip Kowalkowski's picture

Not in Major League, but in Polish league, He was wearing Washington Nationals uniform because that's his beloved team. We have few images where he is wearing his team's that is Osielsko Dęby uniform and Polish national team uniform as well. My mistake's that I didn't clarify that in the description. The reason I've chose this image was because other uniforms had too many visually distracting logo's. Hope I didn't make any baseball fans angry, that was not my intention!

Charles Mercier's picture

Thx for responding because it was confusing.

Gbenga Akinyemi's picture

I was watching out for light reflection on his face and edges of his hand in the shadow area. I just couldn't place it. I was hoping the light from beneath should highlight some facial features in the shadow.

Filip Kowalkowski's picture

Don't think if I follow you to be honest