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The Dragon

During our visit last August to Cabo de Gata, it was agreed that every day we had the moon (the working calendar was in force) although the first day «only» was 33%, enough, so, we went to Calar Alto Observatory, in just 45 minutes we went from being at sea level to being at an altitude of more than 2000 meters.
Although some light pollution from Almeria was getting in (which, by the way, is a bit amplified in the processing) the sky looked great and we spent a great night observing the sky and the telescopes of the observatory.

f/2.8 · 30s · ISO 800
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fantastica Dani!!

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Una maravilla Dani !!!

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Gracias Luis ! :D

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this is fantastic!

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Fotón dani! Una via cojonuda con bicho incluido 😜

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Muchas gracias Asier!! jajjaaj buen bicho!

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Una nocturna para enmarcar Dani!

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