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The Last Lights

Today I bring you a picture of Japan 2018, this place is called Chureito Pagoda and is located on the side of a mountain to 400 steps, once climbed, we will have a fantastic view of this pagoda and Mount Fuji.
In our trip, despite reserving a whole day to this place, it was complicated to take the picture, on one hand there was temporary, was covered (something very normal in that place) and Mount Fuji was not seen.
In spite of the rain, I tried to climb the 400 stairs, as if the adversities were not enough, going up I found a sign that warned about the danger of bears (really???), I kept going up and just when I arrived, another sign forbade the access because of the danger of landslides (I guess due to the storm). So I definitely couldn't take the picture, but making bobbin lace, we were able to take an afternoon to visit it from Tokyo and the sunset was a real treat.

35mm · f/8.0 · 1/50s · ISO 100
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