Candid portrait of lead singer Christian Vium, of the danish rock band Go Go Berlin.

I followed the band for about a month, while they were touring in Denmark. At the time, no one had heard of them, but within that month of shooting, a hype about the band started spreading, and now they're touring most of Europe, United States and Asia and got a big record deal.

This particular shot took a long time to get. After a succesful show, the band started packing all of their gear, and just beside the stage, I found some beautiful light. So I hid behind a curtain, and shot pictures of the entire band when they came through this light. None of them really worked, but then the lead singer came by, and I only managed to get this one shot in proper focus. He didn't realize that I even took a picture, so he was absolutely stunned, when I showed it to him later that same evening.

The series ended up winning Music Photography of the year in Denmark in the Feature category, and this image was the go card for Copenhagen Photo Festival 2014.

Canon 5D Mark II
35mm · f/2.0 · 1/200s · ISO 6400
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Master shoot!