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An amazing image of Grächen at night. In 2018 I backpacked through the highest mountains in the Alps on a photography expedition for 10 days while carrying everything I needed to survive on my back. I walked through the countries of France, Italy, and Switzerland following several different hiking routes. These routes included the Tour Du Mont Blanc and the Europaweg, two of the finest hikes in Europe.

The Europaweg is considered by many to be the best hike in Switzerland, and one of the most scenic in the entire world. It traverses between the towns of Zermatt and Grächen. Grächen is an alpine village in Switzerland near Zermatt. Its situated above St. Niklaus in the Matter Valley. At the end of our trip we stayed in this small chalet in Grächen overlooking the mountains. This was the epic view of the night sky over the mountains from our front porch.


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