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Riaño Storm

Before the storm Filomena and in the last days of 2020, my friend Ivan Ferrero and I, made an improvised trip to Riaño, which by the way, Ivan, recorded on video, all the adventure we had. I imagine that you all have seen it, but if there is still someone to see it, you can see it on the YouTube Channel "Iván Ferrero Photography".

The previous days there had been quite a lot of snow (and in fact it fell all afternoon) and the panorama could be spectacular, so we went there in the middle of a storm and without any anticipation of being able to capture a beautiful sunset or anything like that.

With all the snow there was and no one had made their way on the snow, it was not easy to climb to the viewpoint, and if that was not enough, when we arrived at the viewpoint we could not even see the village, everything was covered.
We had two small windows, where the weather opened up a little and allowed us to see the peaks a bit and they lasted barely a minute. During the sunset and during the blue hour, it was time to take the picture, with the difficulty of having the storm on top and the snow falling in our direction. Finally, this was one of the shots that were saved.

f/1.0 · 2s · ISO 100
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Impecable Daniel, enhorabuena.


Beautifully executed! I really love the Blue Hour!

Muy buena Daniel

Stunning Shot. This look like the town I watched a series on Netflix or Amazon not sure.

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