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Cluster of Stars

I decided to go shoot a few seascapes late in the afternoon, and whilst in the process I found these guys hanging on for dear life as the tide was on the rise..and quick. Whilst set up getting this shot, I lost a thong and had a crab take refuge under my camera bag. The thong floated back to me and the crab didn't try to steal any lenses.. so it was a good afternoon.

Focus stacked from about 12 images.

Thanks for looking, Tom

Pentax 645Z
25mm (19mm)
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Nice Job! Excellent Shot!

Has a 3D quality to it creating depth, must be the focus stacking. Excellent composition and great shot!

Thank you Larry, Focus Stacking and a few other tricks :-) Cheers Tom

Excellent work here. Can you tells us more how the image was created, it could not be just global adjustments. Do you have a land scape version? The quality of the image are the one I like using as desktop backgrounds or at lease viewing in full screen mode.

Thank you Jaydie. I selectively enhance parts of the image and the only global adjustments were curves after the bulk of the processing had been completed (focus stack, water movment etc etc). I only shot this in Portrait orientation as the lens didn't cover quite enough of the scene for my tastes. Thanks for looking.

Just beautiful! Compliments....