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Wayfarer Pt2

I first Photographed from within this cave back in early September 2014 after many location scouts and waiting for the correct tides. The Image I created on that first shoot would have to be one of my most popular seascape images to date ( 500px.com/photo/84588161/the-cave-by-thomas-brown ) .
Since then this little cave has become quite the hotspot for local and visiting photographers. The tricky thing about shooting here isn't in getting down to the cave, but to try & go home with an original and different take on the location. Most shooters don't realise , but the cave itself is not that big & that two tripods set up can be quite a crowd. What a beautiful spot, I enjoy seeing what people create down there.

I wanted to create an adventure scene something like Indiana jones or something similar in feel.
Thanks to Nic for standing in on this one. And helping me realise my vision.
5 Image Vertical Panorama - Pentax 645Z + A35mm.

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very cool

Thanks Lee