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Last lights

During the week of Epiphany, @elenaprphoto and I got together with some vacation days, so we took the opportunity to make some little trip, the options were not too many because due to the situation we had to go to Castilla y León if or if not, we decided to go to a rural house in Argovejo (León), and from there, we went to Riaño and Picos de Europa. Finally, we opted to go to a rural house in Argovejo (León), and from there, we made trips to Riaño and Picos de Europa. According to the people, snow had fallen as it had for years, in fact, the Military Emergency Unit had to clear roads. One of the days that we were there, I tried to explore places within the little mobility that the snow gave, and sinking to my knees with my snowshoes on, I found this area and I thought it was fantastic. I took the opportunity to immortalize the moment when the sun was already saying goodbye, moments before continuing to step on the snow and keep looking for frames. With this photo I take the opportunity to wish everyone a good week.

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Maravillosa Daniel.

Gracias Luis ! :D

Brutal!! Que envidia que podeis salir de casa!

Muy buena!!