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Get off my lawn

From a series of images shot in Apache Junction, Arizona. Natural sky. Two strobes lighting the face and body from the immediate right. A 2 foot Octabox and a 1x3 foot strip box. Low angle 35mm lens with a 40% crop on the image. Full size image is from the boots up.

Nikon Z6
35mm · f/4.5 · 1/1250 · ISO 100
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Great image.

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Thank you.

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my kind of capture, well done. Really like the composition. Notable

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Thanks. I was going for a "Justified" style for this one.

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Very awesome and nicely cinematic.

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Thanks, Bruce. Appreciate it.

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love the tones

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Thanks, Serkan.

Leon Kolenda's picture

Man That's AWESOME! has a little Joel Grimes look to it. Was this a model, or just some play acting. I'm going out west next month, never been to Apache Junction. Nice work!

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Hey, thanks! I actually was studying some of Joel Grimes' work before I went and did that shoot. Good eye, haha. He wasn't a model, but a re-enactor at the Goldfield Ghost Town. They have lots of members who hang out every weekend and put on gunfighter shows for the public. I reached out to their group and asked if I could take portraits of some of their members and they agreed to it. Had a blast. I'm going back in mid-April because it's their last weekend of doing shows before it gets too hot for the year.