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If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun

I’ve traditionally been shooting landscapes with a wide angle lens but more recently have been fascinated with trying new perspectives. After reading a bunch of reviews and tips decided to get the Song 100-400mm to capture different type of shots on a super telephoto. Along the way took some interesting pictures but this past weekend was magic. I realized I could drive up above the clouds and get a zoomed in photo of the amazing sun right before sunset. Wasn’t disappointed and very excited with what I captured. The sunset tho- next level!

Sony A7III
400mm · f/9.0 · 1/800 sec · ISO 100
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Jonathan Lodge's picture

I like this, there are several dust motes in the sky section that need taking out

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Wow, thank you Jonathan. I just noticed, I've been editing things on a dirty macbook screen and totally didn't see this. Odd that the LR visualize spots tool did not catch this. How embarrassing, but really appreciate it.

JR Martinez's picture

I would say a far-cry from being embarrassing, easy fix and who cares - in any case I really enjoy this photo!