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’Fus Ro Starkiller’

An idea thats been taunting me for a while; finally decided to do it.
(Starkiller [The Force Unleashed II] in place of the popular ‘Skyrim’ poster. Both popular videogames)

Costume reference from the trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II’ -

For More: http://drewlundquist.com/starkiller

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Awesome! Love your stuff mate :)

Thanks man! I appreciate it!

Very nice! How did you do this?

One Soft Box overhead, another under each arm, remote trigger attached to one of the lightsabers, photoshop did there rest.

This was a selfie? NICE! I've used PS to make lightsabers before, but this is sooooooo much cooler! I love how you have just enough light to just get some of your face. I saw this image on the sidebar and was all like someone did Starkiller? YES!

Wow, very close to real) Nice work!


Great work

Great post