When I was in the Sierra de Gredos, along with friends @ivanferrerofotografia, @adriespeleo and @victorpeseta, when we arrived at the location and after taking a while to decide how we would install ourselves, time was running out and we had to hurry up or we would lose the light.

I was going with the idea of looking for possible frames that would fit with the galactic center of the Milky Way, in an instant I turned my head and saw on the other side some beautiful lights in the sky that I had not counted on. So, quickly I had to look for a close-up in that orientation, I found this small stream and I liked the small water cascades that it formed towards the lights, so I spent 5 minutes taking pictures until those lights were gone and I continued with the main objective.

f/1.0 · 1/3s · ISO 200
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