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For my main light, I used a @paulcbuffinc Einstein 640 flash unit w/ a 86” soft silver umbrella shot through an 8ft white scrim to create extra soft shadows. I used a white v-flat to fill in shadows & a black v-flat for my background. I love the old @molerichardson light that gave that old Hollywood look! It’s a continuous light so I had to use a tripod and lower my shutter speed to 1/10th of a sec. I used a fog machine to create some atmosphere & set the mood for this scene. Naturally, @emmaniess did a stunning job as always!

Model: @emmaniess
Assistants: @thephotojones @bricerobbins
Camera: @canonusa 5D Mark III
Lens: EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
Lighting Gear: @paulcbuffinc @molerichardson
Software: @adobecreativecloud @photoshop @lightroom @wacom
Background/Reflector: @vflatworld
Old Hollywood light: @molerichardson
Shot at @studio_615
Inspired by @chrisknightphoto @proedututorials

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