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Splashing Good Times

So this was a fun shoot! I wanted to try a high fashion-y photoshoot with color gels & water splashes. This was inspired by a shoot I saw recently with @mystrophoto. It took a lot of tries to get the splash effect just right & even then, I ended up combining 2 images in Photoshop to get the look I was going for. I changed one of the layers to the Blending Mode "Lighten" and used a mask to paint back in the desired effect. Splashing the water was a fun process. Sometimes we really hit her hard with the water (you can see the flinch in one of the raw shots) to get the effect we wanted. Emma was a good sport though! Lots of other fun images to comes & video BTS content. I watched @solsticeretouch beauty retouching from @proedututorials before I edited this shot. Lots of super cool, practical techniques from his tutorials!

Model: @emmaniess
Assistant: @kelsieannesims
Camera: @canonusa 5D Mark III
Lighting: @paulcbuffinc LINK 800ws & Einstein 640s (Swipe to see details)
Created w/ @adobecreativecloud @photoshop
Special thanks to @vflatworld! Stay tuned for more content!

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