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The Secret Cave

I have so many photos of Iceland that I didn't even know where to start..., highlands, the volcano, drone, etc.
In the end I chose this frame of Hvítserkur, a huge rock in the north of the island that resembles a Rhinoceros. A beautiful sea area where you can breathe peace and tranquility, as long as there are not many tourists.
Getting there and trying to take a different photo was a challenge, and in the end it is a motivation when you get it, since it had been a long time since I had climbed caves (and it had not been for attempts).

Great week!

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Brutal trabajo Daniel.

Muchas gracias Luis !!!

... would also say that it is a daylight picture of Hvítserkur and the northern lights from another night picture ... some here think maybe the picture is real :-)

Hi Raymon! Yes, it is a daytime photo of Hvitserkur and the northern lights taken elsewhere. To make the cave with the aurora would be impossible for me, although I did make the cave in Hvitserkur (I'm not saying that there is a cave but I did make it).