Model - Irina Popova

Irina`s my MUA I`ve been working with half a year now. Besides being extremely well MUA she`s very beautiful girl & I decided to take that simple yet really striking portrait that displays her beauty.

PP in Lr 5.7, PS CC & OnOne Perfect Effects 8.5

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/320s · ISO 800
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awesome shot. what background did you use for this shot?

Thanks! Regular white cyclorama but I`ve added some crumpled paper texture to it in PP.

At first look I thought it was Emily VanCamp http://walls4joy.com/walls/general/emily-vancamp-223321-1620x2039.jpg

amazing beauty

On top of your great lighting (and beautiful models) you have this very appealing look throughout your photoset. I don't mean only the crushed blacks or tinted highlights and nice natural colors but this great texture and even drawing-like feel you have. I find it very complimentary for your subjects.

Thanks a lot!

Beauty! really inspiring!
What kind of retouch tools did you use?

Some basic actions like healing brush, frequency separation, some minor D&B & texture.

Natural beauty !

not to detract from this being an awesome shot but her beauty i just find mesmerising...

I keep comming back to it... I don't know what it is...

simple but awesome

Speaks volumes without words.

OMG ! Mua ? She should also be modeling more often .

Simple portrait but with great final effect

is the lighting all natural?

really like the way the color toning on this already great shot