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Old Root

When my friend @adriespeleo proposed me to climb this peak in the Natural Park of Redes, Asturias, I did not hesitate to say yes.
First of all, if he said so, it had to be beautiful, and if that wasn't enough, climbing up, not knowing what you will find and with the challenge of getting a snapshot, is always an adventure, whether or not a photo comes out.
So we met in the morning and spent the day to climb up and explore the area a little, in my opinion there was no easy photo or I did not know how to look for it, until just at the blue hour and at the last moment, I took this root, and included it in a close-up with my 16-35, doing focus stacking, when the sky was showing some beautiful pink tones.
We waited for the night to take some shots with the moon and then we went down at night where we had come up.

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