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Show of Might

Elephants are generally very strong mammals and any squabble is well addressed by the matriarch. However form time to time Elephants will embrace in a show of might rolling the trunk on each other. This image was captured at Tsavo East National Park, Kenya while on safari

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Hi Karanja,

Congratulations on having the photo of the day!

I always like to see them honor great wildlife pictures from Africa!

Best regards,

Bob Henderson

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Thank you Bob,

Appreciated and always love to see more images of Wildlife from Africa shared on the platform.

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I agree! I wish the editors would increase the focus on wildlife images. I like landscapes and portraits, but my primary interest is in wildlife photography. There are never enough Africa wildlife pictures!

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you sir. Appreciate your support. Thanks.

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Great moment captured. The saturation is great and I like the setting a lot.
congratulations and my like