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Studio in the wild

I've been setting up my mobile studio in the wild for a few shoots now and it's an awesome way to practice mixing natural light and flash. This time with my friend and Ballerina @wenyi_xx

This has been lit with a Godox AD200 in a 90cm SMDV-softbox as well as a V860ii in the back in a small mobile Stripbox. I actually didn't need much light as it was meant to compliment the surroundings not overpower them. Still I love the dramatic lighting on the face in combination with Wenyi's Pose.

Canon Eos R
50mm · f/2.8 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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Love the studio in the wild!

Thank you very much!

Love this, especially the speckled lighting on the backdrop. Really adds to this.. Can't figure out if its a composite or the light falls off that quickly from the videolight.. but anyways great execution... back lighting to create depth between the model and the backdrop was also a nice touch

Thank you!
The speckled light is actually the sun peeking through the trees in the back and casting shadows on the backdrop from behind (you can see the pole that's supporting the backdrop).

Excellent setup - seems very portable and produces excellent results.

Thanks. Yes, the whole setup fits in a bag for fishing rods, which I can carry on my back. Although on this particular day I had a handcart, because we had to hike quite a bit.