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Pose on pointe #2

Continuing my series of ballet dancers with interesting light, this time a bit more complex:
Two strip boxes with orange Gels to either side (45° towards camera), one key light from above in a 90cm softbox camera-left and one fill light with a teal gel in a 180cm umbrella camera-right.

Thanks to the incredible model @lea.k.2612 for that inspiring and pretty difficult pose!

Canon Eos R
85mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 200
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Cool colors! I love that orange-teal and "neutral light" contrast

Thank you! I've learned a lot about using colors through Jake Hicks' blog. Especially how and when to add the white/neutral lights.

Yeah, I always look at Jakes pictures on Insta and find them totally fascinating.
I also tried his style once before but wasn’t really happy with the result.
But as always you have to try, learn from your mistakes and then try again.

Working with these strong colors is HARD, especially at the beginning. The colors overlap really easy creating strange desaturated areas and a few centimeters can make or break the correct lighting. But when it works it's really fun and exciting.