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Fishing town

Matte-painting for commercial print.

process https://vimeo.com/100387204

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Have no words, just .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm * 2

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nice color grading. stunning

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World class.

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There's nothing more exiting than a great mixture of photography, CG, and matte painting in the hands of someone with a solid understanding of classical art. Amazing!!!

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Nooooo way, this is seriously fooled me. An awesome f...ing work. Very fabulous vision and blending here. In my mind, I was thinking at first that you shot this place with high ISO in order to freeze the moment, never thought it was assembled. Very waw blending man

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Thanks a lot)

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Did he take all those elements himself or raid Flickr? :d

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Dude. I I I'm fucking speechless. If I hadn't followed the link and watched the vid on how it was done I wouldn't have believed this wasn't a real place. Unreal, Nice Work!!!

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holy@#! can somebody help me put my jaw back!

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best image in a long while

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Neo Racer i'm used all elements from shutterstock

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Wow. The tones! The details! Amazing work!

Aaaaand I just saw the video. Dude what?? Incredible work.

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Ochen, Ochen Xorosho :)

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One of my favorites ever! So glad this wasn't overly done HDR style. I love the shadows in tact. It has such a cool feeling.

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Wow...this is stellar work

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just awesome.......

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God damn, this is beautiful.

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Wow, amazing!

Have Fun,

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HOLY S**T!!!!! This is incredible! I recognise the backdrop, looks like Fenghuang.

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Hi Dmitriy, do you have the photo or prints for sale?

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Your process video made it look simple, but I know it was anything but. Great composite photography skills!

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This is wonderful.

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Top work! Congrats

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wow, superb! Congrats

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World class! :)

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I could have never imagine that everything was made in photoshop.. :)

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