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March 13, 2015

Recent beauty image for a beauty story in Ellements Magazine, shot with Elinchrom strobes and a Mola Demi.

Model: Jade Antonie | MUA: Miki Sarroca | Cosmetics: Inglot | Assistant: Chris Brodsky | Retoucher: Svetlana Pasechnik

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Outstanding composition! Sultry and so seductive!

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Thank you very much!

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Wonderful light ! Love your pursuit of perfection !

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Thank you, Claude, I really appreciate that!

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Wow..you just gained another follower. Stellar work here!!

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Thank you so much, Jason!

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Congrats for the award ! Well deserved !

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Thank you! It was a great way to start the day!

Your work speaks for itself, so no surprise! Congrats Kendra!

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Thank you so much, it was really a pleasant surprise!

Great work is hard work...sprinkled with humility. Your modesty is such a great quality. It grounds you and makes you ask more of yourself. You are at the beginning of something really special.

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Thank you so much, I'm honestly very flattered by that! I've always believed that it's important to find a balance between being humble, and being hungry. I'll be very happy to have you along for the journey!

Great...I'm such a good traveller! Most important...Thank You very much for forwarding my comments. I am very flattered that you felt they're worthy!

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Just stunning !!!!!

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Thank you so much!

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great one...