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Cover story for Scorpio Jin Magazine's "Forever Young" Issue shot with Rosco gels, a beauty dish, and a gold reflector.

Model: Megan Coffey
MUA: Carol Rock
Hair & Nails: Amanda Pacheco
Retouch: Svetlana Pasechnik
Assistant: Chris Brodsky

168mm · f/9.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Beautiful ! I love that

Thank you!

Doesn't get much better than this. Love the purple wash on the sides of the face. Love the bokeh in the background too. Would love to see BTS of this one :)

Thank you! While I haven't taken any proper BTS video, my model had the MUA take some cell phone footage of this shoot. It's very DIY, haha.

DIY is the best! Home Depot and fabric/craft stores are your friend :)


Kendra that is some truly beautiful work. Great job by all involved.

wonderful use of color light on face


Kendra, if anyone tells you there's a strong magenta cast in this photo...
Absolutely gorgeous! Nice use of color. I like it a lot.

Really like these pinkish shadows! Really nice!

Kendra & Megan are Glam's Dynamic Duo. Your work just draws me in. I can't quite explain it...I'll get there.

This is truly perfection!

This is Pretty awesome!!

great colors and very good retouch!

Saw this on instagram. Def one of my favorites!

This is too beautiful for words!!! excellent work!!

Superb composition and lighting