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Forget Me Not

An image created for Dark Beauty Magazine & Lindsay Adler's 'Secrets' Contest. Shot with a Mola Demi for key, a medium softbox for fill, and a 9" reflector with a purple Rosco gel.

Photography: Kendra Paige
Model: Jade Antonie
Designer: Victory Vintage Boutique by Brande Wilkerson
Stylist: Fallon Lueck-Arenaz of Histore Vintage
MUAH: Ingrid Moncada
Assistant: Chris Brodsky

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well done!!! great teamwork here!

Thank you very much, Daniel!

hey hey hey! this is niiice love the overall tint, and the composition!

Thank you, Andre! I noticed that I almost never color-grade for skin tone in my images, so I made it a point to make the tones colder this time. Glad you like it!

ts something that i have started to pay attention to, the way in which light works with the with the skin how it spreads across it, I find it beautiful, its that detail i have began looking for with my newer images.

This is pretty damn spectacular! Great teamwork!

Thank you, Jason!

World class !!!

The lighting and gels worked incredibly well. Such an interesting photo. Quickly a favourite

Such a beautiful work!!!

Thank you so much, Julia! <3


Thanks, Tony!



Wow, amazing work!

Thank you, Jeremie!

Good Shot !

beautiful shot Kendra. I love the composition

wow.. nice shot.. love it

Great work

This is wonderful!!

Amazing! Is there any CGI or is the full dress real that surrounds the model?

Thank you! No CGI involved, the flower part around the model is actually the bottom of the dress, I just had my team hold it up behind the model to create the effect.

Nice execution.