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Key to the Ocean

Aerial view of the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier in Emerald Isle North Carolina. I got a drone for Christmas and this is one of the photos I got while getting some practice flying. This composition kind of reminds me of a key or a key hole. From this view you can really tell why it's called Emerald Isle. The water is a lovely shade of greenish blue. Almost looks like it could be in the tropics somewhere.

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Lovely image Kyle.

I'd be interested in seeing the same with people present, ideally with side lighting to create long shadows on the pier. May or may not work, but would be interesting to try.

Yes! I completely agree and will definitely be back to try again. This part of the pier is restricted to only certain people and none were there when I took this. I’m also still new to flying my drone and still getting used to it. But on one of the videos I got I saw the same thing with the long shadows and it looked great. I thought “man. Really should have got a photo from that angle!”