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White Pocket

This photo is the first contact we had there, it was an afternoon when the sun was shining, I was exploring many sites, it was not easy to choose because they were all good. The case that little by little and without predicting it well (because I didn't look too much at the sky) clouds and good light suddenly appeared, but only in certain directions, so I had to act fast and look for compositions, I omitted the tripod raising a little the ISO to work faster and this was the photo I took.

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Wow, what a great shot. Love the colors and light. Never been here but on the bucket list and I think your photo just bumped it up higher.

Woww thanks so much Mike, it's tricky (or expensive) to get there but definitely worth it, you have to go.

Where is this place?

White Pocket, in Utah


congrats on potd!