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White Pocket

It was the first sunrise of two that we spent in White Pocket (Utah). At first it was quite cloudy but suddenly many colors began to come out, the case that I was in a low point of the area with high walls and I could hardly get those colors with my camera, plus I could not find interesting points of interest to them. So I made a 180 degree turn and decided to fly the drone without planning anything, to gain altitude and see what I could get and finally I made this great 360 degree panoramic.

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Great shot and great light. Just a minor correction, white pocket is located in Arizona, it is just south of the state line.

Right !!! Sorry, in our trip we were constantly changing states hahahha
Thanks a lot Juergen !!!!

Una pasada, Daniel!

Gracias Manu !!!

Awesome shot! I love the play of warm and cool colors of the sky.

Thanks a lot Aaron !!!

Absolutely gorgeous Pano

congrats on potd!

Thanks a lot Greg !

This is magical. Almost surreal. I just spent a week hiking Zion and the North Rim of the grand Canyon and it's making me nostalgic!

Thanks a lot !!! Yesss !!! i love too Arizona and Utah !!!