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Men of Honor

I had the honor to photograph one of the most impressive men I've ever known, who is also a good friend, Colonel Doug Woodhams USMC.

Doug is not only a Marine, he's also a police officer, SWAT operator, mentor, and an amazing husband and father. I shot this shortly after Doug received his promotion. He told me about some of his experiences overseas in places like Liberia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Throughout it all, Doug's most valued possession was his Bible, which has been taped together countless times as it traveled the world with him.

Shot with a Nikon D7200 and an old Nikon 105mm AIS lens. Flash was a Nikon SB-24 with a cheap remote trigger and a cheap, flimsy, used softbox I picked up at a camera convention. Backdrop was a simple gray paper backdrop that I colorized in post.

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