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Young Mandrill Under the Watchful Eye of Mom

We visited the Fort Worth Zoo during our recent trip to Texas for the 2024 Solar Eclipse. It was a very nice zoo, the animals had lots of room to roam and were obviously well cared for.
The Mandrill Exhibit had this little guy putting on quite the show. He was repeatedly going after this large corner post supporting the structure he and his mother were on. Mom though was not too keen on him getting over to the post and the edge, besides her eyes she also had one of his legs in her hand. He'd get over and she'd pull him back to her. He was determined though and a few times he got to play for a few seconds before she'd reel him in. For this shot I imagined he's saying, "Hey, take my picture quick, I'm posing!"

Nikon D850
500mm · f/5.6 · 1/1000 sec · ISO 4500
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