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Zoo Atlanta - The Posers 5 - Wolf's Guenon

This Wolf's Guenon, AKA Wolf's Mona Monkey, was fairly high up in their habitat at Zoo Atlanta when we were passing by and caught my eye. He did not seem so much aware as to what was going on outside (me and other passer-bys) but to all the activity inside. There were several different species cohabitating and being "a bunch of monkeys" - there was a lot to watch. I found this "pose" to be suggesting the thought of, "Whoa! did you see THAT?!"
A fun fact: the "Wolf" in its name comes from Dr. Ludwig Wolf, the man who is credited with their discovery (Credit wikipedia.org) and "has nothing to do with any similarities to wolves." (Credit zooatlanta.org/animals/wolfs-guenon)

Nikon D850
500mm · f/5.6 · 1/1250 sec. · ISO 5000
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