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Seeking the Aurora - Mission San Miguel Arcángel - San Miguel, CA

Several days after the peak of the Solar Storm I ventured out to see if there was any chance of still seeing and capturing an image of the Aurora Borealis. I had a spot in mind I thought would make for a great foreground to the psychedelic colors I'd been seeing on the internet. Unfortunately the time was past, but I was out and camera in hand I set up and snapped a couple of frames at "my choice location" the Mission San Miguel Arcángel. Here is my creative edit of this bell structure at the southern end of the courtyard. It was lit by the freeway off-ramp light and a little moonlight, it was pretty dark. But with a 10 second exposure and shadow recovery and a little tweak here and there it looks like this.

Nikon Z6 ii
15mm · f/4 · 10 sec. · ISO 1600
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