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She's the Barber

Studio session with an old friend from college promoting her business "She's the Barber"

I lit it with a an elinchrome BX 500 RI and an filled it in with the westcott eye lighter (sn. that thing is awesome). The wall behind her is actually orange but I tweaked it a little because I wanted it to match the color of her make up a little better.

The shoot went awesome in my opinion. What do you all think ?

Credo 40
55mm · f/8.0 · 1/100s · ISO 50
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Great Photo wonderful portrait i'm soon drawn into her

thanks man

I like it, looks very clean. Some minor things I would clean up is the hat a bit more on the edges the white specs. I feel some of the face is missing a lot of skin texture, I'd create some using noise/emboss method (check PHELEARN on youtube if not sure what I mean).

thank you. I've since reworked the image but keep forgetting to update this.

good light and retouch

Thank you Damian

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