May 16, 2015
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Bruce Edwards's picture

Really nice image. Great Colorado and tone.

Bruce Edwards's picture

Lol. Colorado should say colour. Cheers.

James Lewis's picture

Wow! ...just WOW.

Alexander Slanger's picture

Birth of Venus. Lovely work.

Quite the eye catching photo. Nice work!

outstanding. very beautiful red head. Good job on the hair. great eyes even though they are covered; If you ever do post processing keep the freckles. I like the hands. Great model,, would like to see more of her.

Armando Morales's picture

a work of art !

Beautiful light!!!

Peter Nestler's picture

It reminds me of the old Adobe Illustrator packaging. Great lighting.

Anton Litke's picture

Damn... that's cool!

Anonymous's picture

Oh... pristine. I love it.

Like some others, my first thought was Botticelli's "Birth of Venus".

HouseCatStudio • Fabian Artunduaga's picture

that perfect that looks surreal! great job

Christian Gaspar's picture

Totally Botticelli!!! I love this!

Cris Magsino's picture

Wow amazing!

Agnieszka Jakubowicz's picture

I don't care much for portraits, but this one I LOVE. To me it's somethig between Botticelli and de Lempicka:-)

Jonty Hampson's picture

Simonetta Vespucci. Renaissance Babe. :)

just perfect!

Wil Cohen's picture

Very nice!

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