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Ramin Rasikh's picture

nice photo !! which light did you use for the pic ?

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Canon T3i + 50mm 1.8
Lightened with a (YN560 lll + 80cm octabox) for the main light, pointing to her up of her head and (YN560 lll + 70x70cm softbox for the fill light) on the right pointing to her face

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Thanx Mario ;)

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thanks for sharing your setup. nice shot.

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Thank you Marcos!

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Really great portrait

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Thank you Alexandro Lacadena

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Clearly, it's the photographer's talent, and not the gear.

Every new photographer should look at this image, and read what camera and flash was used. Pro bodies, glass, and lighting equipment is nice, but knowing how to use what you have is what makes a photo.

Bravo, Mario!

Anonymous's picture

I think in this case, the model had something to do with it too! :-)

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Well yeah, she did her part. ;)

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It was an awesome collaboration she's a awesome model and a good friend of mine :)

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This is a great photo, Mario.
Definitely makes me reconsider what I do with my money now. :)

May I also ask you what settings you had on your camera and your YN560s? Also Do you remember the distances for the lights to the model?

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perfect !

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Studio flash?

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How much retouching was done on this pic? Fantastic shot. Inspiring me to pick up my camera again.