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vanessa in tirol

I shot vanessa in a small shitty hotel room in Innsbruck late night, sun was missing so i had to use my big octa for soft light
using "high" white balance for a goldy look in combination with some oil on her skin ...
hoope you like

Canon 5D Mark III
35mm · f/4.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Nice shot

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What drew me to this was the pose and the camera angle. I'm certainly not a pixel peeper or anything, but this certainly doesnt seem like a photo shot at 100 ISO. Did you add grain in post? Some of the time it works, I don't know that it adds anything in this photo though. Love the image though!

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yes, you are right. grain doesnt add anything to this particular image. back then, it was part of my style, though. again - dont ask me why ;)
nowadays i skip grain and retouch "totally" different.
maybe i will just delete this image.
thx for cc!

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I certainly wouldn't delete it. The image certainly stands out!

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Are you mad?? Never delete this image. The noise is fine. It's a beautiful image. Period.

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Very sexy capture!