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Sam edit 2

second go at this image. Beauty dish as key top center and silver reflector from the bottom. #classic #beauty light #retouch

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amazing beautifoul

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Thank you so much!

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Awesome retouching work!

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Thank you Remus

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thanks so much Jerry!

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I agree, texture could be reduced in that spot. I missed it :)

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Gorgeous shot mate.

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I like the photo a lot but something about having her head leaning so far left just doesn't feel right. But I do like the way you positioned your lights.

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Congrats Stephen, well deserved too its a beautiful shot.

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Thanks so much Dave. Nice surprise to wake up to :)

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Wow congrats, Stephen!! What a beautiful image!

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Thank you John! We might be kindered spirits

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Absolutely! Hey, if you ever happen to be in Switzerland, I hope we can meet up!

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Beautiful :)

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thank you Nerijus!

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this is so amazing! 5 stars. okay weird question, but do you know the brand of fake eyelashes the makeup artist used?

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thank you so much Shannon! Unfortunately I don't know the name of the brand, sorry.