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John Flury
Zurich, CH
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John Flury (Obsoquasi) is a photo designer living in Zurich, Switzerland. His work focuses on story-based conceptual art. He develops his stories in collaboration with the people he photographs to the themes of their life - passions, fears, wishes and visions of themselves. The stories then form the foundation for his carefully staged photo compositions, who are at the same time portraits and conceptual pieces of art. John's work has won several international awards, amongst which are the 2013 Morpholio award and the 2014 Docma master award. John has published articles on conceptual art and lighting technique on,, and

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kevin bryant's picture

Absolutely love ur works !!ur images r always so creative!!

Thank you so much Kevin. This means a lot to me :)

antti karppinen's picture

Your images are an inspiration!

Pitu López's picture

John you are a great artist, congratulations

thank you Pitu. Was blown away by your portfolio!

Lee Morris's picture

Amazing portfolio

Thank you Lee, from you this means a ton!

Franco Yao's picture

Your works are insanely inspiring. Really great man!

Thank you Franco! I was thinking the same thing when checking out your work!