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Paparazzi - In The Pre-Camera Age

April 9, 2015

A collaborative project with the Buno photoshop crew (Jurek Gralak, Christian Gerth, John Wilhelm and me behind the camera).

Model: Annika Friederike Zimmermann
Hair & Makeup: Iryna Müller
Clothing: Stefan Küffer
Art Props: Tino Jaun
Concept, Lighting & Photography, Editing: John Flury

Location: Zurich next to the Grossmunster church

more on: http://facebook.com/obsoquasi

shot on March 29th, 2015 at obsoquasi photo & film studio

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John Flury's picture

thank you Ryan :). What a nice surprise :)

TImothy Tichy's picture

Wouldn't that be the "Painterazzi? ;)

Nice shot.

John Flury's picture

hahahaha yep that would work.

Jeremie Montessuis's picture

Amazing work.

Mauricio Martinez's picture

Is such a beautifull work .. i got a subject to talk about . I think is becoming a lost art to make this kind of beautifull frames and artwork , because people is getting used to watch interactive stuff and noisy things .. so what can be the use for this kind of work? . Im actually tying to get help no to criticize because i want my clients also to be involved in this kind of scenes and creative work to SELL !

John Flury's picture

I think I know what you mean and to me the most important approach to getting my clients to want to book a conceptual project, is having a portfolio that shows them what their extra investment will be worth. So 80% of my current conceptual projects are personal projects. It's getting better and better though - in recent months it has been about 50%.

Mauricio Martinez's picture

Also you can make a gallery and invite clients and stuff to buy and to watch also to hire you !

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Nice work.