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Provincial Uprising

Hasselblad H4D-31
70mm · f/13 · 1/800s · ISO 100
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Lee Morris's picture

How the hell did you do this

John Flury's picture

Simply put, careful planning and endless, mind-numbing hours in photoshop putting everything together. There is a short BTS video in my Fstoppers profile. Here is the link again, https://vimeo.com/91905672.

Lee Morris's picture

Fantastic! Would you mind writing up a few paragraphs about the shoot? Id like to make a post out of this.

John Flury's picture

Sure, Lee, it'd be my pleasure!

Pitu López's picture

Wow John! this is fucking awesome.

Percy Ortiz's picture

ducking amazing!!!

David Vaughn's picture

Woooooow that is just probably the coolest photo manipulation I've ever seen.

Witold Bacia's picture

This is artWORK. Mindblowing!

Jan-Christoph Elle's picture

WOW! Great Work and cool Projekt!!!

Noam Galai's picture

Amazing stuff. I did something kind of similar few years back, but this is way better

John Flury's picture

Noam, I remember your project. The one where you created a dress with milk, right? I remember feeling very inspired when reading your article, so you could well say it was one of the sparks that eventually led to this image. Thank you for sharing your process back then!

Kristjan Järv's picture

She looks creeped out by all of those hands touching her :D Great shot. How long did the model have to sit there?

John Flury's picture

Hi Kristjan, I took the liberty of answering this question in the comment section of the article

Kristi Woody's picture

Loved reading the article about this and watching the BTS video. Amazing work!!

John Flury's picture

Thank you Kristi!

Stephen Vosloo's picture

Just incredible image John!

John Flury's picture

thank you Stephen for all your encouragement! Means a lot!

Jonathan Toraldo's picture

Holy moly :D Really nice! Must have slept in front of your monitor!

Linus Pettersson's picture

BAM!!! haha this is awesome!!

Anonymous's picture

Seeing an image so skillfully created inspires me to push much harder and explore what is possible! This is absolutely AMAZING!

John Flury's picture

thank you Phil. So happy I was able to inspire you. I always try and think outside the box. Of course more often then not, I turn up blank. But just thinking about the fact that there are still endless possibilities and untold stories in photography keeps me going.

Ogedengbe Tobi John's picture

I swear i dont think i can practice this after watching the video nice work tho!!!