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Concept: Ethan Oelman (http://www.ethan-oelman.com/3139312)
Photography: John Flury & Ethan Oelman
Editing: John Flury (http://facebook.com/obsoquasi)
Model: Romina
Location: Float Center Zurich (float-schweiz.ch)

Background: Float centers are slowly popping up in Europa. These feature a dozen or so of hot water baths for individual people with high salt concentrations. Visitors spend one hour in these pools in almost complete darkness, relaxing every muscle - simply floating. While Ethan tried it, he loved it and came up with the idea of a night sky overhead.

Technique: Flash painting with a single speedlight. Her head was exposed separately with a beauty dish. The Camera (Nikon D800) was fixed to an overhead boom and tethered to a laptop. F/10, 20 s, ISO 100, 24mm. Speedlight in strobo mode (2 Hz) at 1/128th power. I'm always amazed just how much you are able to accomplish with a single small speedlight! The night sky was painted in photoshop and blended in using "linear dodge (add)".

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