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British Symbol

Photo: Jackson Carvalho

During my last trip to London, I chose iconic spots and historical d city to carry out a photo shoot with a different view of the city. My stay took place during the early summer, which allowed registering dramatic skies, running from London gray sky, the result is photos of a chromatic richness incredibly rich and dramatic.

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Canon 5D Mark III
16mm · f/22.0 · 1/13s · ISO 100
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Heath Tate's picture

I'm really impressed with the color in this image.

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thx Heath

Scott Foster's picture

I really like the texture of the clouds. Almost looks like a stormy ocean.

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thx Scott

Wolfgang Hackl's picture

Great image. How many frames does it consist of? Did you use any filters?

Deleted Account's picture

Oh wow, impressive! Such drama in the sky. Well controlled light here, and love the point of view.