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August 13, 2015

Looking up inside the lobby of a pretty cool looking office complex in Tokyo, Japan.

50mm · 1/15s · ISO 200
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Bill Peppas's picture

very nice photo Peter!
Good use of the available leading lines, nice perspective, and very nicely composed.
Well done!

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Thanks Bill. Appreciate the feedback.

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Just a little note to anyone who reads the EXIF data. This was shot with a 14mm manual lens, which the camera incorrectly records as being 50mm. Due to the extra wide angle I was able to get a steady shot at 1/15s by burst firing handheld (no tripods allowed here) for a clean exposure at ISO 200 and f/8.

Bill Peppas's picture

The manual focus Samyang/Rokinon 14mm makes your accomplishment even greater ;-)
Manual focus + handheld at an upward angle is tough.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Congrats on Photo of the Day - great shot!!!

Thomas Bourgery's picture

Love the colors! Could have been great also vertically. Nicely done!

Chris Reale's picture

great image. out of curiosity, are you using the lens profile that is floating around out there?

Lorenzo Burbano's picture

Love the directional lines. Perfect composition.

Ivan Vukelic's picture

Wow, Fantastic !!!

Gabriela Fulcher's picture

Beautiful work.

Hakim Joundy's picture

Nice one! where was it in Tokyo?

Peter Stewart's picture

Hi Hakim, I actually can't remember exactly where this place is I'm sorry. It was within kind of Nakano/Shinjuku area but a quiet area.

Hakim Joundy's picture

Thanks Peter! Will try to find that place next time I got there! thanks again :)

Kieran Stone's picture

Nice colours and perspective!

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

oh peter u r remarkable shooter :)